Music to My Ears (& Sometimes My Pencil?)

Everyone chooses their own method of where/how they draw inspiration and motivation. Ranging from exercising to sitting down with a great book, there are countless avenues for creativity around us to choose from in this thing we call ‘life.’ Although each of us as individuals has our differences in the way we live and communicate, one universal outlet continues to prevail – music.

My Komplete Relaxation EP is on SoundCloud if you need some new music to spark your creativity. Check it out. ;)

My Komplete Relaxation EP is on SoundCloud if you need some new music to spark your creativity. Check it out. ;)

In addition to pure enjoyment and relaxation, music serves multiple purposes, as it encourages focus, enhances the mood, promotes inspiration and many more.  I am listening to music right now as I write this article, because for me, music enables me to delve into a space where I am free to channel my inner creativity. As I am writing, music helps me to convey my emotions in a powerful manner. Music can also bring a sense of nostalgia, as I occasionally attribute certain songs to personal experiences.

Studies have shown the integration of music and education and how it affects creativity not only in the arts but also in subjects such as math and science. Music in this case, activates the brain and encourages the human being to develop a creative mindset, ultimately allowing him or her to reach their fullest potential. All of us, as students, youths, adults and overall human beings are creative in our own special way. This discussion of creativity, furthermore, yields the questions: what is creativity? How is creativity fostered? How is it lost?

These questions are difficult to answer, as there is no magical formula to unleash creativity. New ideas, knowledge, insight and discovery can emerge any time. Music can have a varying impact on the individual; therefore, invoking states of mind that depend on the type of music being played. Overall, sound places such an impact on your conscious and subconscious being and ultimately serves as the basis of all creativity. Music is a foundational entity that enables us as individuals to think outside of the box, and exceed above and beyond our perceived limitations.

Although music may encourage you to run that additional mile, or reach that tenth page on your soon-to-be-due English paper, music, like anything else, can quickly turn into a major distraction. Some individuals may find it difficult to concentrate on their thoughts with music in the background, or any noise for that matter. I myself am guilty of jamming out to my favorite songs and then realizing a couple hours later that I did not accomplish what I had originally planned to do. In this case, too much of something good, is often quite bad.

I guess the moral of the story is that when it comes to music and the creative thought process, all one can say is: different strokes for different folks. The key, however, is to be able to find a way to unlock the door to your true passions, and pursue your dreams. What outlets do you use to bolster inspiration? Leave a comment below!