Believe in the PossibiliTee

If you are a female in college or high school or know any females in college/high school, then this post relates to you. Going off to college or even high school may be easier to some and harder for others, but regardless it is some form of transition that everybody must go through. A transition to a new place with new people is a change that takes some getting used to. You have this newfound independence and only you can hold yourself accountable for the decisions you make. It's a lot to handle, and you learn to appreciate the little moments, like visiting friends and family back home during breaks and of course you can't beat those homemade meals. There are some students, however, who do not have the luxury to go home as frequently, and as a result, must manifest connections to their homes in other ways, such as Skype calls or care packages. Nevertheless, these small moments play a large role in shaping your experience in school for the better.

What if I told you that one box can make a difference in your life? What if, amidst your journey in discovering who you are, and your constant uphill battle to power through your assignments, I told you that one box could make you a leader and an initiator of the empowerment of women just like you?    

I'll let you in on this not so secret, but very special, box: the UniversiTee Box. UniversiTee Box is a monthly box subscription service for college and high school girls that aims to promote community, initiative, leadership, ethics and empowerment among women. From boxes shipped all over the globe to brand partnerships that give back to communities of girls in need, UBox is continuing to grow and make its mark on the college and high school experience for ladies worldwide. 

I'm sharing this information with you because as part of my mantra of lifting as I climb, I find it so important to spread the word of invaluable opportunities that I would personally want someone to share with me. I recently discovered that UBox is recruiting for their next UBox girl class, in other words, they are looking for ladies to represent their brand. So if you look through the site, and feel that your values align with the values of UBox, then I highly encourage you to apply. Additionally, if you enjoy influencer marketing and reviewing products on social media, then this program is the perfect fit for you! 

#UniversiTeeBox #UBOXGirl #UBOXGrammyEdition

#UniversiTeeBox #UBOXGirl #UBOXGrammyEdition

Still not convinced yet? Well, here's some more food for thought (*hands you virtual cupcake*). Remember those brand partnerships I mentioned before? UBox is currently partnering with the Grammys, which means that they will be participating in the 2017 Grammy Celebrity Gifting Suite. If this sounds foreign to you, the Celebrity Gifting Suite is a lounge area where top products are acquired by celebrities before and during the Grammy awards, which is a huge deal because it allows the brand to build relationships and gain exposure to the media. I'm saying all this to say that if you decide to apply to be a Ubox girl, you also will be entered to win a chance to represent UniversiTee Box at the Grammys! Yes, you read this correctly, that means that you could be flown out to LA and head to the Grammys with UBox to help them pitch the UBox brand to your favorite celebrities. Sounds too good to be true right? 

The application is brief, you could go to the Grammys, you could represent a brand who is making a huge impact on the world...hmm..that's sounds like a winner winner chicken dinner (quinoa dinner for the vegans lol) situation to me. You can sign up to be a UBox girl by applying here. Most importantly, be sure to add my keyword @ladyporrima in the referral box so they know who sent you. Tell a friend to tell a friend! 

At the risk of sounding too promotion-y,  I'd like to pose a question to you all - what are your favorite brands and why? It doesn't have to be clothing, it could be a person, an item, a lifestyle, anything. Brands tell a lot about who you are and I'm interested to get to know you more. I hope this was helpful in some way, shape or form. I'll catch you in my next post.