Travel Tips + Essentials

I don't get the chance to travel often, but I'm trying to change that in 2017. The more trips I do take, however, the more I learn about how to master the art of packing. As a person who carries the whole world in my bag on a daily basis, packing for a trip can be a hassle for me. I don't have everything down to a science, but I have developed a general list of tips and essentials that I always keep in mind when I go out of town. Hope it helps! 

1. Always carry all of your chargers with you as a carry-on. I made the mistake of putting my chargers in my suitcase and my luggage that contained my chargers ended up getting delayed, which meant I was in one state while my chargers were in another. Even if you don't want to carry all those chords with you, at least bring a portable charger so that you can keep all your devices full of juice for those long plane, train or car rides. 

1a. Along with chargers, I would take all of your "everyday" essentials with you on your carry on. You never know if your luggage may get lost or if you end up stuck in an airport overnight so it's best to have everything you need with you at all times. This can include your everyday makeup, accessories, extra undies, skincare/oral products, etc. Whatever it may be, keep it with you! Leave all of the bulky things that aren't that important in your luggage. 

2. Become a meteorologist. Haha, what I mean by this is, check the weather and be prepared for weather changes. Whether you're going somewhere sunny or trucking across the arctic tundra, bring at least one weather proof item just in case. I usually bring either an umbrella, raincoat or boots depending on where I'm going. 

3. Understand your needs vs. your wants. In order for me to avoid over packing, I always make a list of the things that I absolutely have to bring with me on my trip. If it's not on the list, then it's not coming with me. Usually when travelling, there tends to be some shopping involved (at least for me there is), so it's important to leave a little room in your suitcase if you end up buying some souvenirs or gifts for your family and friends back home. It's no fun to carry around heavy bags, so keep it light! 

4. Hygiene is important. As always, I'm going to be real and raw with you. Everybody drops a deuce, goes #2, takes a dump, whatever you want to call it...everybody poops, and newsflash, it stinks! If you're living with another person on your travels, be sure to bring along some deodorizing spray. My favorites are Poo-Pourri and Air Scense, because they are awesome at blocking any foul smells that come your way. At the end of the day folks, It's just a respectful and considerate thing to do. 

4a. Along with spray, I would recommend bringing some form of wet wipes as well as a laundry bag in your suitcase. The wipes can have multiple uses but quite frankly it's nice to be able to wipe down handles, doorknobs, toilets and anything else anyone has touched or used before you. In addition to the traditional wet ones, I love these body cloths to freshen up after a workout or a long day of travelling. The laundry bag can be helpful to separate your clean clothes from your dirty clothes. A clean space is a happy space, right? 

5. Keep yourself comfortable and entertained! For those of you going on trips that involve long hours before you reach your destination, be sure to bring forms of entertainment (ie. music, books, video games, etc.) along with a pillow and blanket to help you stay relaxed for the long road ahead of you. I personally have to bring my Bose headphones to keep my ears from popping and block out any crying babies or barking dogs on the plane. It's a must! 

That's all that I have for now. I'm sure there's a lot that I left out, but it's hard to come up with a one-size fits all when it comes to travelling because your list can vary depending on where you're going. Regardless, I hope this was helpful for those of you with a trip coming up. I'll catch you in my next post.