Black Swan

Dose of Prose

I was thrilled to style this look because it features pieces that I've owned for a while, but forgot they existed in my closet until I recently re-discovered them. It's always nice to add a pop of color to any outfit, but for me personally, I love the simplicity of wearing one color from head to toe. It's easy to do because you don't have to worry about 'matching' per se, but rather you can channel your thought process towards playing around the fabric and textures of the clothing material. In the case of this lookbook, I paired a cotton turtleneck with pants that are half cotton and half viscose (in other words, shiny in the front and not in the back). The black shoes I'm wearing have a wooded wedge which add some edge to the look as well.

I titled this lookbook 'black swan' in reference to the black swan theory, which is a metaphor that describes a rare or surprise event that creates an impact (since at the time black swans were presumed to not exist).  Eventhough this theory is mentioned in relation to events in business, I believe the same theory applies to fashion as well. You don't necessarily have to wear all black everything to create a black swan effect, but I am certain that whenever you decide to wear a monochromatic outfit for the day, you are guaranteed to stand out in style.

[turtleneck] - BCG x Urban Outfitters
[jeans] - Ralph Lauren
[wedges] - Ecote x Urban Outfitters