Casual Outfits of the Week


I decided to switch things up this week! Below is a video of some casual everyday outfits I put together. All visuals are shot and edited by me. Aside from some minor interruptions from nature's critters, I had a great time making the video. Let me know if you enjoy content like this! I'll be happy to make more. 


#1 "The Painter" 
[choker] - Zara
[dress] - Urban Outfitters
[shoes] - Adidas 
#2 "Clean Neoprene" 
[shades] - H&M
[watch] - Michael Kors
[top] - DKNY
[pants] - Calvin Klein
[loafers] - Topshop
#3 "City Daze" 
[hat] - Urban Outfitters
[pullover] - H&M
[jeans] - Urban Outfitters
[shoes] - Native Shoes
#4 "Dab of Red"
[top] - Francescas
[skirt] - Zara
[sneakers] - Vans 
#5 "Relaxed & Ripped" 
[tshirt] - Vans
[jeans] - Zara
[shoes] - Zara

Which outfit was your favorite? Leave a comment and let me know!