The Ultimate Self-Care Starter Pack

Hey Style Prose readers, I hope you are doing well! If you are working (in school or on the job) I'm sure you understand and empathize with the feeling of being busy. Although it is nice to always be 'on-the-go,' it is common to become overwhelmed and stressed if you're juggling multiple tasks at once. Coming from a millennial perspective, there are often times where we feel pressured to approach this ongoing deadline for success, by any means necessary. Those late nights and early days usually lead to an increase in self-doubt with a decrease in self-care. This way of living is not good for you. I cannot emphasize enough how important it is put yourself first when it comes to your health. Trust me, your mind and your body will thank you. 

Ultimately, everybody has their own way relaxing and practicing self-care. I'm not writing this post to tell you how you should do that. However, I have found that aromatherapy has done wonders for my wellbeing and I want to share some of my favorite aromatherapy techniques with you, if you're on the lookout for something different to try. 

First of all, what is aromatherapy? 

Aromatherapy uses plant materials and aromatic plant oils, including essential oils, and other aroma compounds for improving psychological or physical well-being.

In Lamens terms, certain scents make you feel good. This correlation between smells and improvement of well-being is an interesting phenomenon. I'm not sure whether it's all a placebo effect or not, but regardless, I can honestly say that I can feel a difference after utilizing essential oils. So without further ado, here is your ultimate self-care starter pack:

[inhale] monq pen


Price: $20 per pen (You can receive a 10% discount if you sign up to be on their email list. There are also bundle deals available if you wish to purchase multiple pens.)


Perks: No tobacco, nicotine, artificial ingredients, GMOs, gluten, diacetyl, or propylene glycol. Not tested on animals. 100% organic and vegan.

Purpose: The purpose of MONQ is not to fill your lungs with aromatics, but to have an enjoyable aromatherapy experience with high quality essential oil blends. When we say that MONQ releases Therapeutic Air®, we refer to Merriam-Webster’s first definition of Therapeutic: “to produce good effects on your body or mind.”


When I first saw this product I thought the concept was cool and wanted to give it a try. I wouldn't consider myself a smoker, but I do have peers who do smoke (weed, hookah, vaping, cigarettes, etc.) and at least from a social aspect, I believe that this MONQ pen serves as an alternative to smoking without all the health risks. I specifically ordered the Zen pen which has a blend of frankincense, sweet orange, ylang ylang and other ingredients that are meant to help with relaxation. The delivery was quick and it arrived with simple packaging. The MONQ website was also helpful for me, as it answered all the questions I had about how to use the pen itself. 

experience + results

When using the pen, you suck on the pen as if you're sucking on a straw. As you suck, you inhale (through your mouth, not your lungs) the blend and exhale through your nose. I will admit that the first few times I used the pen, I didn't really feel a significant difference. But I tried to use the pen during various times of the day while inhaling different amounts. I found that I felt more relaxed as I took bigger inhales. Also, when I was really stressed/anxious, I did feel more calm after using the pen. 

I don't have too many complaints about the MONQ pen. However, I'm interested to try the other pens and compare the effects of each. The Zen pen definitely has a nice taste to it and I'd highly recommend using it before bed or just during times when you want to relax. As I mentioned before, if you have friends who want to smoke and you want to participate without actually smoking substances, the MONQ pen is a healthier option. I've been using the pen for over a month now and I'd say it's worth the price. 10/10!

[burn] incense


As I was growing up my dad would burn incense in the house and I didn't like it because the smell was too strong and would cause my allergies to act up. It's ironic, though, how the tables have turned, as I now live on my own and have begun to burn incense myself. I especially like to burn it in the morning while I'm doing yoga or in the afternoon/evening to help me relax and unwind if I'm working at home. Incense works as a great natural air freshener too, if you don't like the smell of Lysol or other traditional air freshening sprays. My favorites scents are Nag Champa and Lotus. Highly recommend!




[spray] rose water


As the saying goes, sometimes you have to stop and smell the roses. Rosewater is known to be versatile and have numerous health benefits. I like to spray this aromatherapy mist on my pillow before bed or in my bath water. Even spraying it in the air in the shower or other parts of your house can have a nice therapeutic effect. 

There you have it! My ultimate self-care starter pack - aromatherapy edition. Please leave a comment and let me know your experience with aromatherapy and any recommendations that you have when it comes to self-care. Whatever battle you are fighting or struggles you are facing, just know that you are not alone. Sometimes the smallest scents can make the biggest difference! I'll catch you in my next post.