Happy Hour Lookbook: Relaxed Suiting Afterwork

Hello Style Prose readers, 

I know it's been a while since my last lookbook, so what better way to start the summer than a cool corporate outfit? The combination of suits and sneakers is known to be a faux pas in the world of fashion, but sometimes these style 'rules' are meant to be broken. In today’s lookbook, I put together this relaxed suit look to accommodate both professional office hours and casual afterwork happy hours. 

[Style Focus: informal office vibes]

The key to achieving this look is all about finding that happy medium between cool and corporate. For this outfit, I took a navy pant suit (blazer + slacks) and dressed it down by swapping out a button up for a plain white tee. Instead of heels or loafers for shoes, I paired the suit with a sleek pair of trainers. I finished off the look with minimal jewelry and accessories. 

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Want to give relaxed suiting a try? Here’s what to do: 

Take a casual piece (ie. t-shirt, sneakers, black jeans, etc.) and pair it with a corporate piece (ie. blazer, pencil skirt, dress pants, heels, loafers, etc.). Think of it like an incomplete puzzle where it's your job to fill in the missing pieces. If you're wearing biz attire on top, make your look casual on bottom and visa versa. Essentially, take components of a great day outfit + components of a great suit then mix & match them together and voila! You have successfully changed your suit game for the better. Depending on the field that you work in, this look may not be appropriate on a daily basis. However, for those casual Fridays or after hours office mixers, relaxed suiting is definitely the way to go.

What are your thoughts on suits and sneakers? If you like these type of business attire lookbooks, let me know and I’ll make more. Leave suggestions in the comments below! Until next time.


[Lookbook Details]
blazer x philosophy apparel
tshirt x Zara
slacks x The Limited
sneakers x Balenciaga
shades x Urban Outfitters